Code Of Conduct

Please be cool, considerate and kind!

Hertford Music Festival aims to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for the public, the volunteers and the musicians. Please respect the residents of Hertford, other members of the public, staff at all our venues and the town's other businesses – we can't do this unless everyone's happy for it to continue!

We do not tolerate:

  • Blocking access to store entrances, emergency exits, corridors or parking areas
  • Vandalism or misuse of property
  • Excessive drinking
  • Transferring of or the possession of any illegal substances
  • Discrimination or harassment on the grounds of race, gender, sexuality or disability
  • Verbal abuse, threats or violence, including the possession of weapons


Please don't remove glasses from the venues or drink in the streets (don't forget that most of the town is covered by a designated public place order). Plastic containers will be provided by the venues for consumption within their own premises.

Anyone acting contrary to the above may be refused entry to the venues or asked to leave, and further action may be taken by the police.

Really importantly!! Please think of the people who have to clean up on Bank Holiday Monday and do whatever you can to minimise the mess!

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