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25 Years of Celebrating Music In Hertford

Hertford Music Festival began in 1994 as a modest three week celebration of music in the county town, with venues across Hertford staging concerts and events featuring a variety of music genres.

Over the years the focus of the festival has become the Musical Mystery Tour, which currently takes place annually on the Sunday of the August Bank Holiday weekend.

Up to 40 venues take part in the event, including pubs, bars, restaurants, shops and the local museum, drawing in an audience of thousands from across the county and North London, and providing a valuable boost to the local economy. For many establishments it is the busiest weekend of the year.

Some venues operate as 'franchises', whilst others rely on the Music Festival to arrange acts and schedules.

We also partner with charities, allowing them to associate with the event for fundraising and promotional purposes.

Publicity for the event is organised by Hertford Music Festival Ltd, a not-for-profit limited company.

Hertford Music Festival’s Role

Hertford’s Musical Mystery Tour, where local venues invite musicians to play, is ever more popular and Hertford Musical festival Ltd. (HMF) continue to facilitate this.

Our role is to allocate musicians to venues, compile an overarching programme and publicise it. We also collect venue contributions for costs imposed by stake-holding Authorities and pass these on.

HMF is not responsible for licensing of any kind nor any Health and Safety or public order issues, whether within venues or on the street. All venues should ensure they have the correct temporary or permanent licenses and have properly considered health and safety issues.

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