Hertford Music Festival is an annual celebration of local live music and includes a wide variety of genres, from rock, folk, funk and reggae to classical and jazz

Last year's Musical Mystery Tour took place on Bank Holiday Sunday 25th August 2019.

Now in its 14th year the annual Musical Mystery Tour has become firmly established as an eagerly anticipated event in the County town’s cultural calendar.

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Cancellation of The Musical Mystery Tour

Well it was pretty inevitable wasn't it! We've hung on as long as we possibly could before finally being forced to accept that there's no way the Musical Mystery Tour can happen this year. Although there's a chance the pubs, clubs and hotels could be open to some extent by the end of August it looks certain that social distancing will still be necessary. That's incredibly difficult inside a pub at the best of times: but by inviting literally thousands of people into town all at once we'd be making it impossible.

Since we've all been cooped up so long – and all the other major events for August Bank Holiday have already been cancelled (Reading Festival and Notting Hill Carnival to name but two), we'd risk the town and its resources being overrun and putting everyone – artists, engineers, venue staff and of course the public – at an unacceptable risk of Covid-19 infection.

Stay safe and fingers crossed for 2021!

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