Over & Out

We’re so sorry – but the Musical Mystery Tour is over. This is a very sad moment for us.

In the words of the much-missed, hugely supportive Chief Inspector Gerry McDonald back in 2014: 'Boys, you've created a monster' ...

Sadly, he was right. Our baby's grown too big. 16 years ago, the Musical Mystery Tour started with one person. There are still only five of us, all with full-time jobs, working hard to make Hertford happy. But that's about 100 too few to achieve what's now being asked of us by ‘the powers that be'. The Safety Advisory Group (East Herts Council and the police) has given us a long and onerous 'to do' list. Compliance isn't exactly mandatory. But for us it is impossible. Which means we'll be held personally responsible and liable for anything and everything. In short, we just can't do this anymore.

That's all we can say for now. Don't worry. We're sure Hertford will still be rocking regardless on future August bank holiday Sundays… And Kev 's still on hand to help. We'll go into more detail soon.

Love from Kev Saunders, Rob Guinn, John Brown, Steve Beeston and Amy Jay

Musical Mystery Tour 2022

Last year's Musical Mystery Tour takes place on Sunday 28th August 2022, featuring hundreds of artists performing in venues across the town centre and beyond.

The programme included a welcome from The Team, a big thank you to our sponsors and and advice on being cool, considerate and kind!

You can view and download a copy of the final Mystery Tour Programme by clicking the cover image.

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