Huge Thanks

Monday 29 August 2016

This is a big thank you: please read right through to see who's involved and what they do for us and you, to make this event what it is.

It's very hard to put into words how much we appreciate the efforts of all involved in yesterday's Musical Mystery Tour. We can't begin to tell you how much effort goes into organising this event. Thank you seems a tiny sentiment to offer those involved.

Thanks Rob Hunt, the runner, the carrier of heavy things and for getting up early to fetch carry, deliver and organise. Where would we be without you?

Steve and Serena Parkhouse of Waterpoint. Storing our equipment throughout the year and providing a much appreciated delivery and collection service. We thank you.

Holly Rapley and Sara Taylor at the museum for their continued support and stocking the HMF merchandise.

Steve Beeston. Pictures, website, organising bands and helping with the promotion of the event.

John Brown. All things legal. Risk assessments, meetings with the local authorities and issuing of all the appropriate documentation.

Steve Hunt. A provider of PA equipment and engineering skills we couldn't do without.

Jo Asker. Our social media guru. We've seen quite a lot of her posts and will hopefully see a lot more in the future.

Jonathan Davis for helping to coordinate the engineers.

Our fantastic stewards for helping people find their way and handing out programmes.

All the loaners of odd bits and pieces. Euan, we're talking to you. George Clark and James.

Our underappreciated team of volunteer engineers. These guys and girls work all day and well into the night for the love of music and for the music festival. I would particularly like to mention that we had two engineers that came along way to help us - Matt from North Wales and Leslie Baldock from Hastings. This job is particularly thankless, and only those without them know their true value.

The local authorities and the police. All the mess we make is quickly cleaned up and taken away the following day as if nothing has happened.

Our sponsors. Without this sponsorship this event would not happen. Although we sail, financially, close to the wind, this sponsorship money helps with the hidden costs of hiring PAs, printing, promotion and marketing.

Giggear, River City Studios and Guitar Studio for loaning equipment. We could not possibly afford to do without.

Our friends. Each year they continue to support us and offer suggestions to make the event bigger, better and different to the year before.

Our wives. They must get pretty sick of this event by the end of August. The continued grumbles, phone calls, late nights and discussions we inflict upon them. They must be glad this event is over, at least for another year.

The people of Hertford. Its noisy, messy and sometimes an inconvenience. Thank you for not complaining and seeing our event for what it is. A chance for people to enjoy free music and catch up with old friends and new in the comfortable surroundings of our beautiful town, Hertford. Thank you for making it trouble free and behaving in a good natured, friendly manner that Hertford has become known for.

Most of all we would like to thank all the artists. They give up their time and talent for the event. Their skills have been crafted over a lifetime (in some cases this is quite a long period of time) and they give this to us and you free for one day. Some artists perform more than once and in some cases four or five times during the day. Some take on the role of coordinating the artists and sound in their chosen venues. We can't even begin to tell you how much we are in awe of these guys; they are the true heroes of this event.

This Year's Music Festival Sponsors