Live Music in Hertford

This page lists gigs and live music events in Hertford outside of the festival season.

Friday 27/10/2017Beverly Craven at The Corn Exchange
Saturday 28/10/2017Sofasonic at The Lord Haig
Friday 03/11/2017Mari Wilson at The Corn Exchange
Friday 17/11/2017Judie Tzuke at The Corn Exchange
Friday 01/12/2017China Crisis at The Corn Exchange

The events listed here are not organised by or part of Hertford Music Festival.
These events and associated details shown here are for promotional purposes only.
Details subject to change.

About Our Listings

We're so passionate about local music that we also offer a listing service for live music events outside of our own festival.

If your gig or event is not listed here why not contact our enthusiastic team. Please note however that we are NOT accepting applications to play Hertford Music Festival events at present.

Hertford Music Festival is not responsible for these events and details may be subject to change.

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