K-Fest 2017

Saturday 12/08/2017 at The Hertford Club

K-Fest is a free live mini music festival in the Hertford Club to remember and celebrate Kristin Crilly who was a local musician and who was tragically killed on her way to The Latitude Festival in 2013.

One of the ways her family acknowledge her memory is by running this one day festival and The Hertford Club have proudly and generously let the event happen on their premises.

The acts chosen for the event all have some link to Kristin or her family but it is a fun event with a wide variety of music performed.

This year the festival is on Saturday 12th August and there are 15 acts. Weather permitting it will be in the club's garden again as the event was a huge success in 2015. There is a BBQ and this year "Carers of Hertfordshire" are the nominated charity at the event.

11:30 Graham Moss
11:55 Hey Fever
12:15 Peter Crossley
12:50 Bill Tarran
13:25 Steve Ingrey
14:00 Keef Jackman
14:35 Keith Snowdon
15:15 Fusion Voices in Harmony
16:05 Safe House
16:40 That Blue Patch
17:25 Banter Boys
18:10 Jono
18:55 Junkyard Dawg Jug Band
19:45 The Bad Men
20:35 Test The Waters
21:25 The Trees
22:15 Hill Street Blues

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Graham MossBill TarranSteve IngreyKeith SnowdonSafe HouseThat Blue PatchThe Banter BoysJunkyard Dawg Jug BandThe BadmenTest The WatersThe TreesThe Hill Street Blues BandPeter Crossley

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The Hertford Club

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